Veterinary Compounding ServicesMedicating Your Pet: A Daily Struggle

Medication time is among the least favorite time we spend with our beloved pets, and you can be sure your pet feels the same way.

For example, problems can occur when precise dosing for your pet cannot be determined as a result of the manufacturer’s limited range of strengths available. Another example is the possibility of your pet having difficulty swallowing due to the size of a tablet necessary for their well being.

Veterinary Compounding: Reducing the Stress of Medication Time

The Town Total Compounding Center’s veterinary medicine compounding offers a better -- and easier -- way to medicate your pet. Our custom medication compounding allows you to control the exact amount and dosage your pet needs in a form that suits the needs of you and your pet.

We can provide your dog’s medication in the form of a tasty, custom-flavored liquid, reducing the need to hide the medicine in unhealthy treats.

Feline medications typically involve topical preparations that can be rubbed into the membranes of the ear. Additionally, we can prepare flavored suspensions that help ensure proper consumption.

Veterinary Compounding from the Town Total Compounding Center: A Better Way to Medicate Your Pet

The Town Total Compounding Center of New York looks forward to solving the pet medication dilemmas you face on a daily basis. Ask your veterinarian if compounding medication is the right solution for your pet, or give us a call! We can make your pet healthier and your life easier at the same time.