Patient Testimonials

At Town Total Compounding our first and foremost desire is to serve our clients well. We are honored to help individuals and families find solutions to painful health problems.

"Total Compounding Center has far exceeded any expectations I may have had about a Compound Pharmacy. Not knowing anything about Compound Pharmacy, when my daughter and I met Joe and his staff, we found a compassionate, professional accommodating and empathetic group of people who have a unique skill to create a compound medication. These troches have given my daughter a second chance at life. Two years ago she was almost in a wheelchair and now she is teaching and has a full life. My daughter has also been able to be weaned off of most pain medications and now is just on the compound drug. Those fore mentioned attributes of Town Total Compounding Center allow my daughter to trust them each month to create the compound medication to help keep her functioning. Without Joe and his team, she would not be able to have such an important compound medication in her daily routine to help her have such a well rounded and complete life."

"Town Total and the entire staff have been incredible over the past few years. I suffer from CRPS (RSD) and need certain medications specially made for my disease. There hasn't been a time when Town Total hasn't been able to accommodate me, even when we have been pressed for time. The medications I receive them are essential in the treatment of my disease that has no cure. They are a blessing."

"I've worked with Town Total Compounding Center for many years and every order has been flawless. They have compounded high-quality products such as bioidentical progesterone, glutathione and several other custom items for me. These medications have been far more helpful than anything commercially available. They are free of unnecessary additives and are of unquestionable purity and effectiveness. This is how medicine is meant to be made!"