Pharmacy Consultations

Pharmacist consultations can prevent drug errors, avoid medication errors, ensure the patient has the right prescription for their condition, prevent taking duplicate medications and help with patient adherence.

The expertise of a pharmacist is critical today as patients are taking many medications which times may often be filled at multiple pharmacies. They often leave the hospital or prescribers office with new prescriptions some of which may never be filled due to lack of understanding.

A specially trained pharmacist can help improve your outcomes by helping you take your medication the best way possible in order to increase the benefits of the medication at the minimal dosages needed in order to reduce side effects. Our pharmacists can also help reduce the number of daily medications you take as well as possibly reducing some of your costs and health care use.

The pharmacists at the Town Total Compounding Center can provide comprehensive extended face to face consultations, phone consultations and soon, video consultations. The consultations are not only for medications that are used daily, but also from post-hospitalization prescribing (in order to make sure the right medications are continued and discontinued after discharge), chronic use or acute care, generic prescribing recommendations, and education pertaining to side effects and all potential medication interactions. This can also be done in collaboration with your primary care physician.

Our pharmacists can help prevent the following common drug-related problems:

  • Untreated indications
  • Improper drug selection
  • Subtherapeutic dosage
  • Failure to receive drugs
  • Overdosage
  • Adverse drug reaction
  • Drug interactions
  • Drug use without indication

Extended Pharmacy Consultation Costs:

Up to 20 Minutes - $30.00

Up To 30 Minutes - $40.00

Up to 60 Minutes - $90.00

Call one of pharmacists now to help with your precision care.